Sturgeon’s Law

Ninety Percent Of Everything Is Crap

Derived from a quote by science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, who once said, “Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud. That’s because 90% of everything is crud.” Oddly, when Sturgeon’s Law is cited, the final word is almost invariably changed to ‘crap’.

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JUBLIA is for use on nails and surrounding skin only. Do not use JUBLIA in your mouth, eyes, or vagina.
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It is not known if LABA medicines increase the risk of death in people with COPD.
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Acting acts on multiple inflammatory substances, the exact number and precise mechanism unknown.
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Ask Brian

Folding Bucket

I went to the Patent Office trying to register some of my inventions.

I went to the main desk to sign in and the lady at the desk had a form that had to be filled out. She wrote down my personal info and then asked me what I had invented.

I said, “A folding bottle.”

She said, “Okay, what do you call it?”

A Fottle.”

What else do you have?”

A folding carton.” “What do you call it?”

A Farton.”

She sniggered and said, “Those are silly names for products and one of them sounds kind of crude.”

I was so upset by her comment that I grabbed the form and left the office without even telling her about my folding bucket.

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