Sturgeon’s Law

Ninety Percent Of Everything Is Crap

Derived from a quote by science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, who once said, "Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud. That's because 90% of everything is crud." Oddly, when Sturgeon's Law is cited, the final word is almost invariably changed to 'crap'.

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New Year’s Revolutions

That’s right revolutions, I gave up on resolutions a few years back when the only ones I could actually stick to, were to ride my bike less and gain some weight.

Radio Paradise is out as my internet radio station of choice. For the last week or so it has been plagued by drop outs and annoying buffering for 10 seconds to forever until it reconnects. Now it could possibly be my fault as it seemed to have started about the time I got this whole wireless network thing going…or it could be they knew I didn’t donate my usual 5 spot at the end of the month like I’d been doing all year…or whatever, but RP is out and RadioIO-eclectic is in. RadioIO-eclectic is a little harder edged, plays more cover tunes (which I like) and doesn’t play many “oldies” (which I sort of miss), but most of all it hasn’t once dropped the stream on me.

Netflix is back. This time we opted for the cheapest entrance fee – $9.95 (+tax) – which entitles us to one movie out at a time with unlimited rentals per month. Because there is a distribution center in Columbia, SC now we are looking at quite possibly a three day turn around time. We are going to plan a mid week movie night, and if the mail gods are smiling we should have another movie available for a weekend night. We quit NF in October of ’04 and haven’t watched too many flicks since then, so it only took about 10 minutes to line up 20 movies for the queue. I’m sure keeping it that full won’t be an issue for a while. Guess I’ll see about getting a plug-in to show the queue on the right hand side here, so you can see what we’ll be watching on Wednesday nights.

Might be turning off the PC at night and during the days for a while. Started to get a loud rattle this afternoon. At first I thought it was the sound of a hard drive about to self destruct. I shut the PC down and started it back up and all was quiet, for a while. Shut it off again and when I restarted the computer I commenced to backing up my documents. When it started making the noise again I cracked open the case and pushed on each HD to see if the noise would stop, and it would for as long as I was putting pressure on the drive. But neither felt like it was vibrating enough to make that much noise. Sounded more like it was coming from the power supply fan and a quick whack in that area silenced it. There is also a CPU fan in the same general area so it could be that too. But seeing as if either one were to fail silently it would be catastrophic, I’ll just turn off the PC when it is not in use. Going to put a slight crimp in my search for ET for a while.

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