Sturgeon’s Law

Ninety Percent Of Everything Is Crap

Derived from a quote by science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, who once said, "Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud. That's because 90% of everything is crud." Oddly, when Sturgeon's Law is cited, the final word is almost invariably changed to 'crap'.


A Decade Ago

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#MotoringChallenge Still looking for your Epic Sunrise photo? Now, a way to predict when it is worth getting up for
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Tonight, Jamie and Claire are a long way from Scotland when they arrive at Versailles. #Outlander
- Sunday Apr 17 - 12:40am

Proud to be the 879th backer on @BackerKit for Bernie Sanders Action Figure | Thx @fctry!
- Friday Apr 15 - 10:03pm

#motoringchallenge @MossMiata Pine pollen season here in SC! My sheet on the OTM trunk lid. Bring on the hat.
- Thursday Mar 17 - 2:31pm

#MotoringChallenge Honda powered Minis and now V-6 Miatas at Mini Tec in Royston GA. This'll be Sneak Peek No.1b
- Saturday Feb 27 - 10:57pm

Reconstituted Dinosaurs



Sonata or Miata

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Ask Brian

Stop The Madness

Subject: Christmas/Holiday Gift Giving At Work
To: Workgroup
Cc: Department Boss


Every year I have been going around and asking (begging/cajoling) for some amount of money to pool together to buy the boss one big gift card. The decision of what store that card should be from is haggled over until a consensus is reached. I then go get the gift card from said place, stuff it in a Christmas card that we present to the boss at our annual holiday lunch at a local restaurant. At that same meal, the boss usually turns right around and hands out an individual gift card to each and every one of us, for about the same value as our individual donation to his card, in appreciation for our “hard” work during the year.

Well, this year I propose we stop the madness. Let’s avoid the whole senseless swapping ‘X’ amount for the same ‘X’ amount already. A free lunch on the company, a hardy handshake and a “thanks for everything” is all that any of us really want during this holiday season. I think it would be better for each of us to take that gift card money and drop it in the red kettle outside a grocery store or donate it to a charity that you feel is doing good work (or buy yourself Independence Day: Resurgence on BluRay.)

If someone else wants to take up the mantle of gathering money to pass along something up the food chain, please leave me out of it. I’m not a total Grinch, so if anyone, group or individual, wants to give another individual in the department a gift, by all means go for it. And after this, if someone still somehow feels the need to give me a gift, I will thank them profusely and promptly go out and buy a share in a goat in Zanzibar of equal value in their name.


P.S. Immediate Boss, please, don’t take this personally just because this is your first year as the boss and this is the year I’d like to opt out of the gift card swaperoo thing, it’s been festering for a few years now.

Moawr Gooder

Black Accent Stripes II

How do you make the already awesome stripes on your Miata more awesome? More stripes! You add some small black accent stripes to the big blue ones.

Black Accent Stripes

Watch for Indians


While walking along the Island Ford Road near Ninety Six, SC always be on the lookout for the Cherokee.

It’s Beginning To Look


We piled into BIL’s CX-5 and drove to downtown Hendersonville to see them light the two big Christmas Trees that flank the old Henderson County Courthouse. I brought my camera along to capture the moment when Santa flipped the switch. But I left it in the car when we pulled a last minute evacuation drill at the intersection nearest the festivities to let Allen find a parking spot. He found a spot 3 blocks away so that when we were driving back to the SMH I snapped a photo of the back of the courthouse and trees as we went by. Here is a better photo of them from 5 years ago – Twin Christmas Trees.

64,000 Calories

Broken Forks

The community that my sister Diane and her husband live in hold a pot luck Thanksgiving meal. As we have done previously, this year we drove up again to partake in the consuming of mass quantities of the favorite holiday dishes of strangers. Everyone brings a side dish or dessert and their own place settings. This year Diane decided to just buy some Thanksgiving paper plates and “Premium” plastic dinnerware instead having to keep track of her real stuff. Five people, two trips through the buffet line, a visit to the dessert room and eight broken forks.

Just south of Clinton, SC the Purple Whale passed the 64,000 mile mark.

Notice Anything Different? – Part II


They are 1″ wide flat black accent stripes…

When I asked the folks at Charleston Wraps about my gloss black stripes as wax buffer plan, they cautioned against it. Paste wax and any vinyl is not recommended. They suggested I should get something called Wrap Care After Care JP from a company called Croftgate. So I scrapped the gloss black and ordered up some one inch wide flat black vinyl from

I went to the Croftgate site for the recommended product and was put off by bullet point #2: Long lasting protection with a brilliant shine, so I contacted the company and asked about it. The fellow who replied said not to worry about that, as the words “brilliant shine” were aimed at the glossy wrap crowd. So I asked in return, what do you have that I could use as a wax/protectant on both the vinyl stripes and the cars paint. Frank thought that something called Wrap Care Matte & Gloss Cleaner would fit the bill.

I checked it out, and it sounded alright, but I wondered if the stuff called Wrap Care Matte & Gloss Sealant would work better for both paint and stripe. I went ahead and ordered a bottle of the Sealant product. I emailed Frank from Croftgate a thank you for your time thing and told him what I ordered. He replied, “We’ll get your order out right away and I drop a little something extra in the box for you.”

Frank came through in spades, I got a bottle of the sealant and he put a bottle of the cleaner in there too. Aannnd…a couple of their microfiber towels too. Over sixty bucks worth of stuff for my $30. Maybe this weekend I’ll get a chance to use the wrap care products and then take a nicer photo of the black accents.

Warning Perigee-Syzygy