Sturgeon’s Law

Ninety Per­cent Of Every­thing Is Crap

Derived from a quote by sci­ence fic­tion author Theodore Stur­geon, who once said, “Sure, 90% of sci­ence fic­tion is crud. That’s because 90% of every­thing is crud.” Oddly, when Sturgeon’s Law is cited, the final word is almost invari­ably changed to ‘crap’.

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I’ll Get The Paperwork Started

I like cars and I like Jerry Sein­feld and I like cof­fee (as long as it is from DD), so I love Come­di­ans In Cars Get­ting Cof­fee. Thurs­day was the Sea­son 5 finale, a 2-parter with Jimmy Fallon.

Ever since Sea­son 2 the show has been spon­sored by Acura. Sea­son 2 & 3 fea­tured really off beat com­mer­cials for the MDX. Sea­son 4 & 5 have fea­tured a rota­tion of two dif­fer­ent spots for the TLX. One has a female buyer and the other has a male buyer talk­ing and rid­ing with the same fast talk­ing sales­man. For the longest time I could have sworn the male and female were the same per­son, they have a cer­tain look, just dressed up as the oppo­site sex with an appro­pri­ate wig. But upon fur­ther study it turns out they are more than likely dif­fer­ent people.

I’ll Take Historical Fiction For $2000 Alex

This was the last clue in tonight’s Dou­ble Jeop­ardy round:

“Writ­ten In My Own
Hearts Blood” is the
eighth book in author
Dina Gabaldon’s series
about Eng­lish Army
Nurse Claire Randal.

Nailed it!

Christmas in Hopeland Gardens


The last time we walked up to see the lights in Our Fair City’s Hopeland Gar­dens was 5 years ago (we tried last year, but were shut out.) Tonight we made the walk­ing trip over to see if they had added any­thing new and they hadn’t. We were slightly dis­ap­pointed, but in talk­ing about it on the walk back, we decided that it is bet­ter if they don’t keep pil­ing more stuff in there oth­er­wise it would get too gaudy.

Learned Something

Replacing Blades

The instruc­tions for Drone #3 were not only in Eng­lish that was cor­rectly trans­lated, but they included some­thing that the ones for Drone #2 did not, instruc­tions on how to prop­erly change out dam­aged blades. Turns out there are two dif­fer­ent kinds of blades and they sort of go in cer­tain spots!

While poorly fly­ing Drone #2 around I did have to change out a cou­ple of dam­aged blades, but because the quadra­copter con­tin­ued to fly after each swap, I must have got­ten lucky twice. Lit­tle did I know, that when it was doing the one sided hop, if I moved two blades around cor­rectly, it would have flown. What I did do, was swap one blade out, which caused the drone to just lazily spin while still totally earth­bound. This is the point where I was allowed to buy Drone #3.

By the time I read the instruc­tions for the cor­rect blade replace­ment pro­ce­dure I didn’t have enough of the proper type pro­pellers to get Drone #2 air­wor­thy again. But I did have the 4 back-up blades from Drone #3. Yeah, Drone #2 flies again! But not well, it makes a loud tick­ing noise and drifts hard right. One set of the blades are hit­ting each other. I guess the slightly larger drone must use slightly longer props…maybe next time I order some­thing from Ama­zon, I’ll tack on a few bucks for some new blades for the smaller Cheer­son CX-10.

Drone Driving Is Not For Dummies

One of our state’s max­i­mum secu­rity pris­ons is get­ting 2 new sur­veil­lance tow­ers and some ther­mal imag­ing cam­eras installed to com­bat fur­ther air­borne attempts at get­ting con­tra­band to inmates. Appar­ently some­one with as much tal­ent as I have, tried to fly a drone in that was loaded with smokes (legal & not-so-legal) and some cell­phones, but instead ended up in the bushes outside.

3rd Drone’s A Charm

BangK CX-13

The other day when I broke my 2nd quad­copter in as many years after about a total of 2 hrs of “fly­ing” both of them, I fig­ured I would never get my Drone Dri­ving License. I was mop­ing around the house with a big ol’ sad face on when my wife took pity on me and said, “Oh, all right, go ahead and buy another one.” “But this is it,” she said, “three strikes and you’re out.”

I headed back to Ama­zon to go shop­ping. Last week when I bought a pas­sel of K-Cups from them, they offered me a 30 free trial of Prime, I took them up on the offer. I was kind of sur­prised by this, because they did the same thing back in August when I bought the Kin­dle and I used it for 29 days then can­celled. I’ll do the same thing again, but first this will solve my hav­ing to wait a week or so for my next mag­nif­i­cent fly­ing machine. All I needed to do is look for a lit­tle check mark under an item sig­ni­fy­ing that it was Prime Ready and two days later it would be here.

Started out look­ing to get another one iden­ti­cal to the recently my deceased drone, but couldn’t find it for the same low price and get it before Christ­mas too. Then I stum­bled on a dif­fer­ent model that already came with a built in pro­peller guard, some­thing that should be very help­ful with my spas­tic fly­ing skills, for a lit­tle more than what the Cheer­son CX-10’s were going for, the BangK CX-13.

The new one looks about the same size, i.e. real small, until you place them side by side. The CX-13 mea­sures 1–7/16″ between motor shafts mak­ing the old broke CX-10 at only 1–1/4″, about 25% smaller. I’ve had it a cou­ple days now, flown it quite a bit, crashed it quite a bit too, and I haven’t bent a sin­gle prop. Tomor­row I may ven­ture out­side where I have more room so I don’t have to panic and kill the throt­tle after drift­ing only a cou­ple feet of course.

Started down, went up, went down, still down.
Miata Top Tran­si­tions since 10/24/08: 1440

Purple Whales Trounced

80 Points

Thanks to to sev­eral fac­tors, beyond my con­trol I got a shel­lack­ing this past week­end and was sum­mar­ily bounced from the EZEFFL Play­offs. Oh, who am I kid­ding, very lit­tle of this is in my con­trol, but a loss is still on me. I’m the owner of the team and the Monop­oly Money stops here.

Here is the text of the email I sent out to the league own­ers today:

Well, that was fun.…

The defend­ing cham­pion (me) was severely trounced, eighty points trounced (thanks Pey­ton) as Team Gre­gory scored 132 points to my minis­cule 52. It was a good thing he didn’t go up against the Argyle Pil­grims, because they scored a whop­ping 152. Too bad for the Pil­grims though, as they, by virtue of hav­ing the best record in the West, were on a Bye Week.

In the East it was a good thing their best record holder, SC Bone Crush­ers, were the Bye Week recip­i­ent, as they man­aged to amass a mere 59 points and would have lost to 4 of the 5 other teams in their divi­sion. In the actual game that counted, the slightly favored Ball Busters got busted by the Legion of Boom.

This is Divi­sion Cham­pi­onship Week, spon­sored by Meta­musil, to see who goes to the Lenio Bowl. Will the game between the dia­mond pat­terned reli­gious free­dom seek­ers and the Gre­go­rys be a high scor­ing shootout as evi­denced by their last week scores? In the other game, will it be Bones or Booms? Crush­ers or Legions?

Mean­while the six teams in the Con­so­la­tion Lad­der will con­tinue to duke it out for the Best of the Rest hon­ors. And last weeks play­off losers “advance” to some­thing called the Winner’s Con­so­la­tion Lad­der. (Huh? And what hap­pens next week?)

I finally man­aged to cross paths with Susan Turner tonight, she seems to be doing as well as can be expected in her sit­u­a­tion. When I explained what I had in the enve­lope I handed her, it brought her close to tears. We did a nice thing there. It was much appreciated.

Brian Bog­a­r­dus
End Zone Entourage FFL
Owner/Director of Player & Per­son­nel
Pur­ple Whales