Sturgeon’s Law

Ninety Per­cent Of Every­thing Is Crap

Derived from a quote by sci­ence fic­tion author Theodore Stur­geon, who once said, “Sure, 90% of sci­ence fic­tion is crud. That’s because 90% of every­thing is crud.” Oddly, when Sturgeon’s Law is cited, the final word is almost invari­ably changed to ‘crap’.

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See You in 2026

On Sun­day the Emperor got an oil change and as always, I rotated his tires as well. When I checked over the right rear tire before putting it back on the front, I spot­ted some­thing shiny, looked like some sort of a spike. I didn’t want to pull it out for fear that it would go flat, so I decided to take it to a LTS to let them pull it out.

I tossed the tire in the trunk of the Sonata and headed over to a small shop around the cor­ner. They were of course closed, so I tried a sec­ond locally owned store not too much fur­ther away. They too were closed on Sun­day. This left me no other option but to pay a visit to the big name brand chain place that had I swore never to visit again after they scratched the heck out of my after­mar­ket rims installing tires on the pre­vi­ous Miata.

I rolled the tire up to the desk and asked the guy behind the cash reg­is­ter if could they fix it. The fel­low asked if I’d been there before and I said sure, but a long time ago. So I gave him my phone num­ber and he asked, “Brian?” I said, “Yep, I guess I’m still in there.” “When was the last time I was here?” “2002,” he replied.

He said, “I’ll have to get some­one to see if it can be fixed.” And about that time some moke who worked there was pass­ing by on his way some­where, so the fel­low asked him. This guy eye­balled the tire and said, “I don’t think that goes all the way through.” He spun 180° and went back to get a pair of pli­ers. Then strad­dling the tire, grabbed the spike and pulled. He was right, it didn’t go all the way through. It was a small screw embed­ded in a tire block almost per­pen­dic­u­lar to the tire. It looked like a spike because the screw had been worn in half so I was see­ing almost a cross sec­tion of it.

The guy in the work shirt with his name over the pocket handed me the screw piece, slipped the pli­ers into his back pocket and con­tin­ued in the direc­tion he was headed before we inter­rupted him. I looked over at the cashier and asked, “What do I owe you?” He said, “Noth­ing, don’t worry about it, we’ll get you next time”

I said, “Thanks. See you in 2026.”

That Looks Familiar

After the evening news I like lighten the mood a bit with a bit of sopho­moric & crass com­edy. Back to back episodes of old Two and a Half Men on the local FOX affil­i­ate. Recently they have added the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail of Alabama as a spon­sor and I get to see two of their com­mer­cials in each half hour. Tonight I really noticed their logo at the end the ad and it looked very famil­iar. It reminded me of another logo, one I designed about 14 years ago. I won­der which was first and who influ­enced who.

RTJ GolfLogoMMC Logo

Saturday Drive

Car Show 01

We “pho­to­bombed” the Aiken Horse­power Association’s big spring car show on the way out of town. I’m not sure if it will count towards the Moss Motor­ing Chal­lenge though, because we weren’t actu­ally entered in the show. But the legal team here at Life of Brian Inc thinks it should, based on their inter­pre­ta­tion of this rule found in the offi­cial guide­lines: To earn points at car shows, your pho­tos must clearly show the Chal­lenge Guide, your car and either 1) a ban­ner with the car show name or 2) at least 6 addi­tional cars in the show field. Clearly num­ber two’s require­ment is met here.

We were headed down to the old US301 multi-use trail near the Savan­nah River to check on our eight caches hid­den there. We had a some logs about a cou­ple of them that they might need some main­te­nance. One was fine and the sec­ond was miss­ing entirely. Donna had made up a replace­ment in case, so it was a sim­ple mat­ter of pil­ing some sticks on it and One Point Oh was ready to go again. The rest of the caches were just fine, includ­ing one we had placed on a bam­boo stalk in the mid­dle of a stand of the stuff. As we approached the hide, we both thought that it had to be miss­ing as more than 75% of the stalks were bent over and bro­ken from the ice storm of two months ago, but we had picked one of the lucky 25% of still stand­ing stalks.

While on the road we snagged a cou­ple more chal­lenges, a lab­o­ra­tory sign on the Savan­nah River Site and the Geor­gia Wel­come Cen­ter on US301. Nation’s old­est wel­come cen­ter relic of bygone travel era

Only Nine More Days

Started down, went up, went down, back up, back down, still down.
Miata Top Tran­si­tions since 10/24/08: 1308

So That’s Where I Got That Idea

A month or so I picked up a well used copy of The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniver­sary Book at a used book sale. It was an inter­est­ing read as not only did it have hun­dreds of C & H comic strips, but it was filled with Bill Waterson’s insights on his mak­ing of the strip. About 2/3rds of the way through the book there is a series strips where Calvin kid­naps Susie’s doll (sort of her ver­sion of Hobbes):

Kidnapping Binky Betsy 1
Kidnapping Binky Betsy 2
Kidnapping Binky Betsy 3

In that third strip Calvin has his kid­nap vic­tim tied to a chair…so that is where I got the idea for the video in Part IV of the Great Roach Kid­nap­ping Caper of 2010

Will Success Spoil Sarah Manning? Part 2

Emmy Magazine Cover

WARNING, it is 12Meg in size! PDF of just the Tatiana/Orphan Black sec­tion of the mag­a­zine.

There Are 137,000 Stories In The City

SkyscraperThese are 25 of them.

We drove up to the state capi­tol this morn­ing with the inten­tions of get­ting about a half dozen of the Des­ti­na­tions listed for the Moss Motor­ing Chal­lenge. We struck out on 2 dif­fer­ent WWI monuments/memorials. Our Main Street pho­tos from down­town Colum­bia were crummy and the Brew­ery that was on that Main Street had no real sign, so we missed those oppor­tu­ni­ties as well.

We made it to the River­banks Zoo, but opted not to drive to the main entrance to pho­to­graph the main sign there as there was a line to get in because it was about open­ing time on a sunny spring Sat­ur­day. Instead we looped a quick u-turn and stopped at a smaller sign at the cor­ner. I got out, backed up a few steps, took a photo and when I got back the car to show Donna the results a cop car pulled up right next to us and asked if we were OK. I said yes and he zoomed off. When I got back in the car to leave I noticed that right behind me was another patrol car. Yikes, but he just sat there as I drove off. The pic­ture was kind of crappy, so an early Sun­day morn­ing return trip is needed. The botan­i­cal gar­dens sign at the other entrance to the zoo wasn’t very pho­to­genic either.

The trip wasn’t a total wash as we did get the Sky­scraper photo. The Capi­tol Cen­ter, at 25 sto­ries barely qual­i­fy­ing for the Chal­lenge, is the tallest office build­ing in the whole state of South Car­olina. I can’t be sure, but that may be the tallest game­cock in the state too. We pho­tographed the Tun­nelvi­sion mural and are going to use that for the Tun­nel des­ti­na­tion. On the drive home we took a pic­ture of the sign for the thriv­ing metrop­o­lis of Gilbert and just because we hap­pened to be pass­ing by, the Aiken County Farmer’s Mar­ket here in our fair city.

Some­time before the lit­tle town of Gilbert the Emperor passed the 137,000 mile mark.