Sturgeon’s Law

Ninety Percent Of Everything Is Crap

Derived from a quote by science fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, who once said, “Sure, 90% of science fiction is crud. That’s because 90% of everything is crud.” Oddly, when Sturgeon’s Law is cited, the final word is almost invariably changed to ‘crap’.

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Bath Day

It is Pine Pollen Season™ here in my Fair City and the poor Emperor was literally freckled with yellow dots. Dots form because it rained yesterday on the evenly dusted surfaces of the car and the water beads up. I used the California Duster® this morning in the garage this morning, the lose pollen came off, but the dots remained. Along with both our finger prints on the doors and trunk.1 At the end of the day there was another fine layer of pollen all over the car. Seeing as tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day and we’ll take the Sonata to work, with the Miata staying in the garage, when we got home tonight, I decided to wash it.

Because I wash the cars under the metal carport the Sonata normally lives under, to wash the Miata, the Sonata has to be backed to the end of the driveway. Even thought I can count the pine trees in our neighborhood on one hand2 the blueish hued Purple Whale was nearly green from its thick coating of pollen too making it hard to see where the end of the driveway is.

So after washing the Emperor, I went ahead and washed the Purple Whale even though I know it is kind of a waste of time.3 Sure it needed it, but right now as I sit inside typing this, the car is slowing being re-covered with a dusting of yellow pollen. Plus with tomorrow’s rain by the end of the work day the Sonata will be covered in yellow freckles just like I removed from the Miata.

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1 This time of year CSI:Aiken techs are out collecting this stuff for fingerprinting on dark surfaces at later crime scenes.
2 And I did just that while rollerblading around the neighborhood this afternoon, there were 5.
3 Technically washing the Miata was a waste too, because even though it is inside in the garage the pollen is so tenacious it’ll find its way in anyway. Doesn’t help that we typically open and close the garage door to exit and enter the house either.

I Want To Believe…

…this will be worth watching, but more than likely it will painful. The X-Files are returning for 6 new episodes on Fox.

What have our dynamic doing for the last 13 years? This only works for me if they both left the FBI and Mulder moved to LA and became a self-loathing, sex addicted, alcoholic writer:
David Duchovny

While Scully moved to London and joined the Met:
Gillian Anderson

60 Points

Warm UpI’ve always been a Red Sox fan, that has never faded, while the other Boston sports teams that I routed for in my youth have. The Bruins were replaced by the Hartford Whalers. The Patriots were supplanted by the Los Angeles Rams.

The Celtics were the last to go. When Larry Bird called it quits, I did too. I had one of those green Starter satin jackets with CELTICS on the front. That thing set me back about $125 in ’81 or ’82, which about $300 in today’s money, and if I wanted to buy quite possibly that very same jacket, I could get it off eBay now for ten bucks.

We lived in New Orleans from 1983 until 1987, so when the Atlanta Hawks played several “home” games in the then new University of New Orleans Lakeside Arena in 1985, we bought tickets to see them play the Celtics. Donna and I went for sure, but I think that her mom and younger brother may have gone with us too. It was probably too warm in New Orleans for that lined satin jacket, but I wore it proudly. I wasn’t the only one, there were more Celtic fans in attendance than there were fans for the home Hawks.

I took the above picture while we were waiting for the game to start, that is Kevin McHale and Dennis Johnson stretching. I may have taken a photo or two of Mr. Bird, but I have no clue what has become of them. That one survives because I used it as one of my projects for a college photography course.

It was a very exciting game, the Celtics kicked Hawk butt and it wasn’t even as close as the 11 point margin makes it seem. Larry Bird put on a clinic and scored a team record 60 points. I think of that game very rarely anymore, its 30th anniversary was last Thursday, but it all came flying back the other day when I clicked on a link in the Google News sidebar — ‘It Was Like Living in a Video Game’: An Oral History of Larry Bird’s 60-Point Game.

149,000 Possible Bracket Combinations

This year I decided not to run the office NCAA Basketball pool and for a while it looked like there would be no March Madness at the Valve Store™. But one of the guys on the shop floor stepped up, so no more cajoling folks to turn in their brackets, no more chasing folks to cough up the entry fee, this year I’m just playing.

I just got done filling out my bracket with the help of Bing who promised me a smarter bracket with their new fangled Bing Bracket Builder. My results can be seen HERE. You can’t tell from that link, but right about now I’m getting my first pick wrong, Manhattan is losing to Hampton. Good thing that game doesn’t really count.

By the way, there are a lot more than 149,000 possible NCAA Basketball Tourney bracket combinations, actually 9.2 quintillion, but 149,000 was what the Emperor’s odometer passed through on the way to work this morning.

Lick Fork Lake

This Sunday instead of doing a little hike in Hitchcock Woods like last week we decided that we might be able to kill two birds with one stone if we made a little trip to Edgefield County.

Back in the day (AKA the 90’s) Donna and I would slap the mountain bikes on the Miata and drive the 35 miles to the Lick Fork Lake Recreation Area in the Sumter National Forest. There is a 5–3/4 mile long trail there that was the closest spot to go trail riding back then. Since we gave up the off-road cycling we have been back a few time to hike and with spring finally here, it seemed like a nice destination.

One of the goals for this year’s Motoring Challenge is to find a dozen Lakes & Rivers to take pictures of that includes the sign in the frame along with the car. It has been awhile since we had been there, but Donna seemed to think there was a spot where this combination would be possible. We packed the trunk of the Emperor with our hiking boots, walking sticks and a picnic lunch.

When we turned the last corner towards to the parking area we were greeted with a padlocked gate. I guess we should of checked first, because somewhere in the intervening decade since we last hiked there they shortened the park’s operating days from year round to just the 6 months between May and November.

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So Tired, So Tired Of Waiting

We like to ride the tandem bicycle to work on Fridays. It sets a nice president for the weekend, kicks it off right.

It has been too cold or rainy on every Friday so far this year to commute to via bicycle. Ten weeks. And it is forecast to rain this coming Friday. Today’s weather on the other hand was to be sunny and about 15–20 degrees warmer than the average morning low of 41° and afternoon high of 66°.

We rode the tandem to work today.

Priest’s Collar

A priest was invited to attend a house party. Naturally, he was properly dressed and wearing his priest’s collar.

A little boy kept staring at him the entire evening. Finally, the priest asked the little boy what he was staring at. The little boy pointed to the priest’s neck.

When the priest finally realized what the boy was pointing at, he asked him, “Do you know why I am wearing that?”

The boy nodded his head yes, and replied, “It kills fleas and ticks for up to three months.”